About GL-Automation

Wim Geentjens, General Director, is the founder of GL-Automation (GLA). He started the company in 2006 together with Miquel Lamarcq, Technical Director. With their team of specialists they serve their customer base which is established in 3 continents.

The focus of GLA MFCS is on the food market; nevertheless, the software also is perfectly fit for Logistics, Food, Retail, Production, Automotive. Wim and his team have seen hundreds of warehouses and know this industry like the back of their hand. They always are ahead of the competition by integrating the newest, innovative features.

Business Principals


Innovation ensures our customers to deliver quality to their customers.


Being trustworthy and having long term relationships with all our stakeholders is key.


Being agile is a must in today’s challenging world. GL-Automation strives for optimal performance.


We believe that automation is the only way forward to deal with the challenges of tomorrow’s industry.